“Welcome to the land of imagination. You are about to begin a journey into worlds where magic and monsters are the order of the day, where law and chaos are forever at odds, where adventure and heroism are the meat and drink of all who would seek their fortunes in uncommon pursuits. This is the realm of Dungeons & Dragons.”
Gary Gygax (1938-2008)

I have created duplicate character pages for you all. This duplicate serves as a place to update fluff, backstory, pretty much everything that is not your character sheet, since the page with the character sheet refuses to save anything BUT the character sheet.. Anything related to major plot points should still be run past me, but otherwise, go wild. The one without a picture is the one for the fluff.
I have just created a gmail account for the group at fiveelvesinabar@gmail.com with the password greyhawk. Under the documents tabs are LOTS OF BOOKS. Download them or whatever. Enjoy!

Any comments from OP.com members would be greatly appreciated, as I have NO idea what I’m doing.

This is an experiment into how a fledgling DM can handle some fledgling players. With a variety of experience levels represented here, we are hoping to explore DND in a relaxed, easy style, learning the rules as we go, according to my idea that experiential learning is the BEST! Especially in this sort of deal. So far, I have yet to do any original work, and have simply strung several low level adventures together to make them seem continuous. Which is boring, but easy for a beginner like me.

For those that are unfamiliar with the world of Melekar, lovingly ripped off from user gaaran (as is this entire world description), I shall provide you with some information that may challenge your assumptions. First and foremost, Melekar is a flat plane, as if built on the head of a giant coin. As such, the climate of the world is not subject to the normal “rules” you other planeswalkers might be used to. You can see the divine in every facet of creation, from the mountains and deserts, to the seas and forests, this is a world built by design. Secondly, while this is very much what you might consider a medieval setting, I assure you there are surprises in store, from the steam and magic powered airships of Barithani, to the clockwork inventions of the gnomes, to the deadly blasting powder of the dwarves, I have seen some truly remarkable inventions and creations. Apart from that, Melekar is very much a fantastic world, with monsters to slay, princesses to save, and ancient treasures to uncover.

Currently, the characters are starting in the small town of Fallcrest, where there has been some rumours about town of children disappearing, a rather lusty (although hirsute) mayor, and a band of troublesome halflings just rolled into town.

For rules information, try the D&D Wiki

props must be given to ObsidianPortal user (read god) gaaran, who created the wonderful world of Melekar, of which more information, maps, settings, and the like can be found here, the only thing of which I have modified in my campaign (so far and to my knowledge) is the creation of sky whales.

So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

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