So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

A (Hopefully) Graceful Exit

After swimming back across the lake that was, forevermore, the grave of their traveling partner, the party ascends the ladder they noticed earlier. Traveling down a hallway, they hear a babbling up ahead, and are attacked by an allip! Fortunately for them, the allip seemed to have forgot to babble during the fight for his unlife, so the party made short work of him. However, after the allip passes on, Mave becomes enticed by singing coming from a neighboring room. The woman in the room enticed Mave, and he listened to her story of imprisonment for aeons, trapped in this room for hundreds of years by a wizard seeking to prolong his life. Mave, still enraptured by her beauty, invites her to leave the room with him. After they step out together, she comes close and whispers in his ear “Not all is as it seems, mortal”. Her eyes glow a malevolent red, and she vanishes in a small poof of sweet-smelling smoke. Momentarily taken aback, the party travels down the neighboring passageway, encountering an animated armour dummy, making short work of it through bashing, burning, and other unsightly things. Lelouch pockets a broken sword with Durgeddin’s smithmark on it. Nale, venturing ahead with Reggie at his side, steps into an unlooted room, and walks right on top of the lush carpet, which promptly entangles him. With Reggie’s howls attracting the party, they made short work of the animated rug, but not before it dealt Nale serious injuries. After a short breather from this surprising encounter, the party enters a room that was at one point a shrine, but was now desecrated by the wight and his skeleton minions currently living there! However, all the undead were killed in short order.



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