So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

Daemior's Dilema

Daemior continues his meditation at the Temple of St. Cuthbert. Deep in meditation, he was unaware of the inflections of the Church-Father who entered the Temple. Hearing him creep up behind him, Daemior turn around, but was not fast enough to stop the sleep spell from hitting him full in the head. He wakes up in an alley, trapped in a force cage. After some deliberation, Daemior figured out the eminator of the spell, promptly destroyed it, and exited the alley. Walking back into the church, Daemior spots the Church-Father, and asks him the reason behind his impromptu incarceration. The Church-Father, realizing the futility of diplomacy, acted in defense and prompted a conflict between the two, and a fight ensued. Much of the talk coming from the Church-Father centered around someone he referred to as the Dark One, Prince of Deceit, and several others, but Daemior was not intimidated in the least, despite the flames now leaping about the church. After fighting him to the brink of death, the priest vanished using dimensional door, and Daemior leaped through the church window, and walked away from the burning church of his god.
Walking away from the pyre that was all that remained of his church, Daemior walked down the alley, and was confronted with a growling from the shadows. Investigating, he was assaulted by what appeared to be a full grown panther, that bit him and then ran away, leaving Daemior to wander on.



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