So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

Death and Loot

After a short recovery period where they wondered why killing a wight was so easy, the party continued upwards, out of the cave. After passing through the Grand Hall, they found a kitchen at the opposite end of the hall. Upon searching it, they were attacked by the kitchen table! After the epic battle had concluded with the table being naught more than quivering splinters, they found that the pantries were filled with rotting food. None of them having a taste for that sort of thing, they traveled up the stars where Lelouch nearly lost his head to a statue (which would have been very insulting). The party traveled up through the fungus cavern, where they passed the bodies of the gricks where they had started to be overtaken by the ecology of the chamber. They made a cursory search of the sepulcher chamber, ignored it, and walked on towards the sound of water lapping gently at what appeared to be a low wattle wall. Daemior jumped the wall, and the rest of the party followed. As they exited this small pool, they were beset by two troglodytes that had been waiting in the shallows! However, there were only two of them, and the party made short work of the vagrants. Upon further investigation of the chamber, the party discovered a nest of troglodytes! Eleven of them leaped upon them from the shadows, attacking with claw, tooth, and club. It was a mighty battle, with every party member giving it there best. During the course of the battle, Daemior was assaulted by six of the humanoids, and one unleashed a mighty stench upon them, sickening him. And, despite the party managing to take out most of the brutes, the trogs still managed to knock Daemior out cold. As he was lying on the ground, bleeding out, a troglodyte was preparing for the final coup de gras, when all the sudden, an crossbow bolt blooms from the center of her forehead. The party had, apparently, a guardian angel of sorts.



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