So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

Deeper, deeper into the dark

The party starts in the great hall they ended their last session in, with Ghared the captured duergar tied up as a hostage, escorting them towards the dragon. She leads them through what appears to be a smithy, where three duergar are so intent on what they are doing that they are completely oblivious to the adventurers traveling behind them. Then, the party comes to a large chasm in the earth. After an aside with the rest of the party, Daemior pushes Lelouch into the pit, seeing as he wouldn’t be hurt due to his wings (and he wasn’t paying attention). The walls of the pit are covered in a mold-like substance, making climbing difficult. Soulavina ties a rope to a boulder and starts to descend down the pit, but slips and starts to fall! Thankfully, she was able to grab the rope before her sudden stop, taking 1 point of damage from rope burn. After everyone else descends, Daemior pushes his captive into the pit. Ghared screams all the way down, the scream ending in a thick-sounding splat. Once the party regrouped, they are attacked by a displacer beast from below! Nale-Hukataivael tries to attack it, but fumbles and falls over in his excitement. After a riveting battle, the party manages to gang-bang the displacer beast, taking it to within an inch of it’s life. It bleeds out, and Mave guts it, and throws it over his shoulder to deal with it later.



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