So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

In Which They Enter Highmoor

After their adventure in the Glitterhame, the stalwart group of adventurers returned to the corpulent baron, who, squealing with glee, rewarded them mightily for their bounty and news of their gripping adventure. The party was congratulated further by a three day festival in their honor for killing the unknown threat that was Nightscale. However, all celebrations have their endings, but the road continues ever onward, and the party again felt the yearning to continue to further escapades. The baron supplied them with supplies, of which Jack seemed the only one interested. The troop traveled for eight days towards the city, with Jack and Mave bickering the whole way over a variety of things. The rest of the party discussed it, and concluded that there was a strong romantic tension between the two. On the eve of their eighth day of travel, they were attacked by a pack of blink dogs! They made short work of them, as the blink dogs realized that they were not easy prey, and continued on their way. The party finally comes up to the giant city gates. The gate has a steady stream of people of all shapes and colours entering through the giant gatehouse. All are showing some sort of paper to a window by the gate, and most are given entry. The players walk up and attempt entry. The gatehouse holds not guards, but a steampunk magically automated guardbot. However, its glammored to not appear this way, and Lelouch attempts entry until it dawns on him that the responses has been the same for the last 20 tries. Realizing that they need papers, the party leaves a little discouraged, but a beggar hails them from the side of the road. Addressing Jack by one of his countless pseudonyms, the party walks over to the pauper. Identifying himself as Bent Penis Peter, the beggar says that he can he can give them forged papers, for a price. Lelouch would have none of that, and shifting into a large, blonde noble before their eyes, he joined the stream of people entering the city, and disappeared from sight. Not bemused, the party enters the city under their new identities, Jack now Alois Bishop, Nale now Johnny the Woodcutter, and Daemior now Herbert Stonecrest. They dissipate into the city, agreeing to meet at the Strumpet’s Bosom that night for their respite. Jack goes to the market, and buys a masterwork buckler. Daemior goes to pray at the temple of his deity, leaving Nale tied up outside, scared to death. And, true to their word, the party ends their night at the Strumpet’s Bosom, with Lelouch still absent.



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