So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

In Which They See Daylight Again

After a short rest from their last endeavors, the party moves out. Jack scouts ahead, and discovers a group of orcs watching the entrance to the dungeon. Sensing an opportunity, he attacks, slitting the orc’s throat. However, the orc managed to alert his comrades with his dying breath, and they attacked the party. The dead orc’s mate charged Jack, but overshot and continued running towards Lelouch. Seeing this grief-maddened orc, Lelouch simply opened his mouth and fried him to his friend’s side.
After making short work of the rest of the orcs guarding the entrance, the party hears grunting from behind, and go to investigate. The party discovers a rope bridge spanning a deep chasm. Jack remarks as to how quaint it is, and is given an arrow in return from the orcs across the chasm. Surprised, Jack drops his bow, and seeing his skill abandon him, he mopes about for a few seconds. Lelouch leaps across the chasm, spreading his wings and gliding down, breathing fire and lightning at the attackers. Landing on the ledge, he climbs up and causes havoc among the archers.
After their inevitable death, the party attempts to cross the bridge. Taking a hint from the dogsled races of northern Algur, the party started to tie themselves together. Mave, however, would have none of it, as he was so engrossed in his musical performance from the battle before that the only way the party could move him was by tossing him across the chasm into Lelouch’s waiting arms, strumming his lute the whole way. Then the remaining party, ready for the crossing, begin to move slowly over the bridge. Halfway across, Daemior loses his footing, and tumbles over the side! However, his massive weight is somehow offset by the rest of the party, and they manage to pull him up and get to the other side, where they finally feel daylight on their faces again.


The party rested and shite
The party moves out
The rogue scouts ahead and sees a group of orcs
The rogue sneak attacks an orc in an attempt to lead the rest into a trap the party had set
The sneak attack is SUPER EFFECTIVE!!!!
One of the orcs charges the dragon-guy-freak
Lelouch uses his breath weapon as an attack of opportunity and gets an ULTRAAAA COMBOOOOO!!!!!
We discover how to reuse popcorn for great success also Ethan licked the table xD
We discover that Joe is half Dragon and half Bacon
The party comes to a bridge and there are pork-orcs all up in here
The rogue fumbles with his bow and loses some of his marbles; demoralized for 2 rounds
Lelouch gets hit in the face, and gets on blacksmithing.
Lelouch does lightning all up in that pOrc’s shit, pOrc gets deaded. He’s done gliding, so he’s hanging on the ledge on the other side of the bridge “like this”.
More battle ensues.
Lelouch gets up, and then moves to a fire-breathy position.
Their all dead (the pOrcs).
Everybody gets roped together, starting to cross bridge.
Cleric almost falls over, but gets pulled up
Mave lightly strums his instrument as he gets tossed across the chasm.
They’ve reached the entrance of the dungeon. The baron is really fat, he’s there. He blabbers on for a while. They give over special dwarven shit for money. Mave tells a story of adventure, the baron spews money. Good job team.

In Which They See Daylight Again

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