So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

Jack Gets Some New Friends

Jack wanders away from the party and buys a masterwork buckler in the market of Fisherman’s Warf. After that, he decides that it is high time to realize a lifelong dream of his, and rushes back to the sanctuary of his childhood, the burned out remains of St. Agatha’s Home for the Perpetually Rejected. Looking unter the shrine to St. Agatha, Jack discovered that his trove had some gold missing out of it, and, enraged, searched out his remaining city contacts, and discovers that his closest childhood friend, Long Jim, had stolen the gold! Confronting him, however, Jack discovered that Jim had stolen the gold to pay off Fat Ted, a Low Town thug boss working for the duke’s daughter, and out for Jack’s hide. Walking away with Jim on the dock where he was fishing, Jack decided to steal the contents of a beggar’s pockets. Finding it less than satisfactory, Jack threw it into the beggar’s face. Naturally being less than pleased by this, the beggar starts yelling for the guards to arrest the belligerent thief, but the timely arrival of a hooded figure and some gold stop the threats. The hooded figure was none other than Amaril, a drow fighter traveling through Highmoor. Deciding that Jack needs some protection from himself, Amaril follows Jack about, aiding him in the purchase of his sky whale.



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