So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

They Descend into the Dark

After a period of hard adventuring, the party rests for a period in the fungus chamber, posting shifts for the meditating periods they have (or sleeping, as the case may be for the less fortunate members of the party). Upon waking, they travel onwards, down the path, and come upon an iron door marked with Durggedin’s ruin on it. After a few attempts, the rogue manages to pick the lock and they continue down the path. The party enters a chamber consisting of 3 dwarven statues and two doors. Lelush opens one of the doors, triggering a trap in the statues! A large stone great axe whistles through the air, Lelush only just managing to tumble out of the way. After the dust settles, the party sees that the door opens out onto a solid rock face. Daemior manages to find a secret door behind one of the statues, and after careful review from the rogue for traps, they traipse down the passageway. Then, upon stepping on the 13th step, Mave triggers a voice that yells out a warning in Dwarven. After the DM makes a wonderful jest made in perfect taste and filled with biting wit, the party enters a large room, filled with pillars. It appears to be some sort of antechamber. A dwarven voice yells out a warning in Common, which the party ignores. As per their ignorance, Mave is slashed across the back by an invisible assailant, and in response, Lelush invokes his gods, allowing him to see the (large) invisible assailants. Soulavina thinks its prevalent to climb a pillar and start tying herself to it, while the rest of the party starts to deal with their attackers. After a riveting battle, where one of the druegar dies and their leader is captured, the leader becomes visible and speaks of the dragon that lives at the bottom of this mountain. She offers to lead the party to it, and the party ties her up and leads her away. The bard takes her short sword, and Lelush keeps the dying druegar’s greataxe (check this one, might be Daemior).



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