Experience Points

The Most Crucial Item In The Game


Experience points can be earned a variety of ways. Beyond the Dungeon Master rewarding you for such actions as slaying dire foes or finagling their way through tough diplomatic situations, the player characters can earn experience points for a variety of different real life events. These include

  • Taking notes for a session
  • Writing the adventure log for the session (making the notes look pretty)
  • Bringing food
  • Posting articles on the Wiki
  • Expanding your backstory
  • Giving the DM a backrub
  • Bringing your own figurine
  • Bringing your own copy of the Player’s Handbook
  • Bringing in new players
  • Bringing their own dice
  • Writing a sheet with all special rules that apply to your character (class, prestige class, race, special attacks, item abilities, etc.)
  • Drawing pictures of your character
  • Helping the DM with a one-shot for new folks

Also, the DM can award experience points at whim, but it will always be for whenever the player character noticeably improves the playing experience for the rest of the party.
People can also lose experience points for a variety of actions. These include

  • Absence of any sort (uninformed absence is worse)
  • Leaving early
  • Bringing distractions to the sessions, people or otherwise (distraction to be determined by the DM)
  • Losing a character sheet
  • Anything that is detrimental to the playing experience
    This list is subject to change.

Experience Points

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