So 5 Elves Walk into a Bar...

Jack Gets Some New Friends

Jack wanders away from the party and buys a masterwork buckler in the market of Fisherman’s Warf. After that, he decides that it is high time to realize a lifelong dream of his, and rushes back to the sanctuary of his childhood, the burned out remains of St. Agatha’s Home for the Perpetually Rejected. Looking unter the shrine to St. Agatha, Jack discovered that his trove had some gold missing out of it, and, enraged, searched out his remaining city contacts, and discovers that his closest childhood friend, Long Jim, had stolen the gold! Confronting him, however, Jack discovered that Jim had stolen the gold to pay off Fat Ted, a Low Town thug boss working for the duke’s daughter, and out for Jack’s hide. Walking away with Jim on the dock where he was fishing, Jack decided to steal the contents of a beggar’s pockets. Finding it less than satisfactory, Jack threw it into the beggar’s face. Naturally being less than pleased by this, the beggar starts yelling for the guards to arrest the belligerent thief, but the timely arrival of a hooded figure and some gold stop the threats. The hooded figure was none other than Amaril, a drow fighter traveling through Highmoor. Deciding that Jack needs some protection from himself, Amaril follows Jack about, aiding him in the purchase of his sky whale.

Daemior's Dilema

Daemior continues his meditation at the Temple of St. Cuthbert. Deep in meditation, he was unaware of the inflections of the Church-Father who entered the Temple. Hearing him creep up behind him, Daemior turn around, but was not fast enough to stop the sleep spell from hitting him full in the head. He wakes up in an alley, trapped in a force cage. After some deliberation, Daemior figured out the eminator of the spell, promptly destroyed it, and exited the alley. Walking back into the church, Daemior spots the Church-Father, and asks him the reason behind his impromptu incarceration. The Church-Father, realizing the futility of diplomacy, acted in defense and prompted a conflict between the two, and a fight ensued. Much of the talk coming from the Church-Father centered around someone he referred to as the Dark One, Prince of Deceit, and several others, but Daemior was not intimidated in the least, despite the flames now leaping about the church. After fighting him to the brink of death, the priest vanished using dimensional door, and Daemior leaped through the church window, and walked away from the burning church of his god.
Walking away from the pyre that was all that remained of his church, Daemior walked down the alley, and was confronted with a growling from the shadows. Investigating, he was assaulted by what appeared to be a full grown panther, that bit him and then ran away, leaving Daemior to wander on.

Summer Ideas

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In Which They Enter Highmoor
After their adventure in the Glitterhame, the stalwart group of adventurers returned to the corpulent baron, who, squealing with glee, rewarded them mightily for their bounty and news of their gripping adventure. The party was congratulated further by a three day festival in their honor for killing the unknown threat that was Nightscale. However, all celebrations have their endings, but the road continues ever onward, and the party again felt the yearning to continue to further escapades. The baron supplied them with supplies, of which Jack seemed the only one interested. The troop traveled for eight days towards the city, with Jack and Mave bickering the whole way over a variety of things. The rest of the party discussed it, and concluded that there was a strong romantic tension between the two. On the eve of their eighth day of travel, they were attacked by a pack of blink dogs! They made short work of them, as the blink dogs realized that they were not easy prey, and continued on their way. The party finally comes up to the giant city gates. The gate has a steady stream of people of all shapes and colours entering through the giant gatehouse. All are showing some sort of paper to a window by the gate, and most are given entry. The players walk up and attempt entry. The gatehouse holds not guards, but a steampunk magically automated guardbot. However, its glammored to not appear this way, and Lelouch attempts entry until it dawns on him that the responses has been the same for the last 20 tries. Realizing that they need papers, the party leaves a little discouraged, but a beggar hails them from the side of the road. Addressing Jack by one of his countless pseudonyms, the party walks over to the pauper. Identifying himself as Bent Penis Peter, the beggar says that he can he can give them forged papers, for a price. Lelouch would have none of that, and shifting into a large, blonde noble before their eyes, he joined the stream of people entering the city, and disappeared from sight. Not bemused, the party enters the city under their new identities, Jack now Alois Bishop, Nale now Johnny the Woodcutter, and Daemior now Herbert Stonecrest. They dissipate into the city, agreeing to meet at the Strumpet’s Bosom that night for their respite. Jack goes to the market, and buys a masterwork buckler. Daemior goes to pray at the temple of his deity, leaving Nale tied up outside, scared to death. And, true to their word, the party ends their night at the Strumpet’s Bosom, with Lelouch still absent.
In Which They See Daylight Again

After a short rest from their last endeavors, the party moves out. Jack scouts ahead, and discovers a group of orcs watching the entrance to the dungeon. Sensing an opportunity, he attacks, slitting the orc’s throat. However, the orc managed to alert his comrades with his dying breath, and they attacked the party. The dead orc’s mate charged Jack, but overshot and continued running towards Lelouch. Seeing this grief-maddened orc, Lelouch simply opened his mouth and fried him to his friend’s side.
After making short work of the rest of the orcs guarding the entrance, the party hears grunting from behind, and go to investigate. The party discovers a rope bridge spanning a deep chasm. Jack remarks as to how quaint it is, and is given an arrow in return from the orcs across the chasm. Surprised, Jack drops his bow, and seeing his skill abandon him, he mopes about for a few seconds. Lelouch leaps across the chasm, spreading his wings and gliding down, breathing fire and lightning at the attackers. Landing on the ledge, he climbs up and causes havoc among the archers.
After their inevitable death, the party attempts to cross the bridge. Taking a hint from the dogsled races of northern Algur, the party started to tie themselves together. Mave, however, would have none of it, as he was so engrossed in his musical performance from the battle before that the only way the party could move him was by tossing him across the chasm into Lelouch’s waiting arms, strumming his lute the whole way. Then the remaining party, ready for the crossing, begin to move slowly over the bridge. Halfway across, Daemior loses his footing, and tumbles over the side! However, his massive weight is somehow offset by the rest of the party, and they manage to pull him up and get to the other side, where they finally feel daylight on their faces again.

A New Teammate Appears!

Nale stabilizing Daemior, Daemior wonders where the saving grace came from. As he was about to voice his opinion, a rather disheveled human approaches, cradling a crossbow in the crook of his arm. Introducing himself to the party as Jerkin Jack, he begins to explain his reasoning for being in this cave in the first place, with Nale being understandably suspicious. As Jack was explaining his reasons for laying low and allowing his capture in the first place, the party is attacked by what appears to be a dire badger! No one asking what a dire badger was doing there in the first place, the party begins to fight it. Lelouch, utilizing his draconic heritage, was able to spot that this badger had a nefarious master, a kobold of ill repute. After barely overcoming the magical sleep spell cast by the kobold, Lelouch alerted the rest of the party to this magical being, then proceeded to attack it. After the badger is destroyed and the kobold nearly dead, the kobold disappears and flees down the tunnel, vacating the dangerous proximity it had to the party. Seeing as the battle was over, Daemior vents some of his anger out on the baby troglodytes nearby by kicking the corpse of the badger onto the large mass of them, which is no small feat, considering the size of the badger and the height of the ceiling. The party searches the kobold’s chamber, and discover some loot, which they pocket. Heading ever upwards towards the entrance to the dungeon, the party comes upon an alluring door. For no logical reason, the party is fascinated by it, and opens it. Inside, eternally prepared, is a trap that sprays the party with alchemist’s fire! The party manages to put it out shortly, except for Daemior, who dances around on fire until Mave puts him out with the displacer beast strapped to his back. Suitably humbled, the party travels onward, disrupting a group of orcs eating. Intimidating them, they learn that there is a large orc not 50 feet from them. Traveling onwards, Jack discovers a door with a bloody skull nailed to it, almost in welcome. Jack also notices that there is a trap guarding the area around this door, and the party suggests arming it before opening the door. Jack does so, opens the door, and is greeted by the Great Ulfe and his two wolves! Crying “You think to challenge the Great Ulfe? Vak, Thrag, at them!”, they all charge Jack. He promptly shuts the door. Ulfe and the wolves open the door. Ulfe immediately recognizes what Jack has done, but the wolves are so eager to attack the intruders that they step on the pressure plate. The party, having had scant time to prepare, made short work of the wolves. Daemior, having bolstered himself with the strength of a bull and arming himself with his vicious mace, lands a mighty blow upon the Great Ulfe. The Great Ulfe’s head is launched clear across the room, with half of it still present on Daemior’s mace.

Death and Loot

After a short recovery period where they wondered why killing a wight was so easy, the party continued upwards, out of the cave. After passing through the Grand Hall, they found a kitchen at the opposite end of the hall. Upon searching it, they were attacked by the kitchen table! After the epic battle had concluded with the table being naught more than quivering splinters, they found that the pantries were filled with rotting food. None of them having a taste for that sort of thing, they traveled up the stars where Lelouch nearly lost his head to a statue (which would have been very insulting). The party traveled up through the fungus cavern, where they passed the bodies of the gricks where they had started to be overtaken by the ecology of the chamber. They made a cursory search of the sepulcher chamber, ignored it, and walked on towards the sound of water lapping gently at what appeared to be a low wattle wall. Daemior jumped the wall, and the rest of the party followed. As they exited this small pool, they were beset by two troglodytes that had been waiting in the shallows! However, there were only two of them, and the party made short work of the vagrants. Upon further investigation of the chamber, the party discovered a nest of troglodytes! Eleven of them leaped upon them from the shadows, attacking with claw, tooth, and club. It was a mighty battle, with every party member giving it there best. During the course of the battle, Daemior was assaulted by six of the humanoids, and one unleashed a mighty stench upon them, sickening him. And, despite the party managing to take out most of the brutes, the trogs still managed to knock Daemior out cold. As he was lying on the ground, bleeding out, a troglodyte was preparing for the final coup de gras, when all the sudden, an crossbow bolt blooms from the center of her forehead. The party had, apparently, a guardian angel of sorts.

A (Hopefully) Graceful Exit

After swimming back across the lake that was, forevermore, the grave of their traveling partner, the party ascends the ladder they noticed earlier. Traveling down a hallway, they hear a babbling up ahead, and are attacked by an allip! Fortunately for them, the allip seemed to have forgot to babble during the fight for his unlife, so the party made short work of him. However, after the allip passes on, Mave becomes enticed by singing coming from a neighboring room. The woman in the room enticed Mave, and he listened to her story of imprisonment for aeons, trapped in this room for hundreds of years by a wizard seeking to prolong his life. Mave, still enraptured by her beauty, invites her to leave the room with him. After they step out together, she comes close and whispers in his ear “Not all is as it seems, mortal”. Her eyes glow a malevolent red, and she vanishes in a small poof of sweet-smelling smoke. Momentarily taken aback, the party travels down the neighboring passageway, encountering an animated armour dummy, making short work of it through bashing, burning, and other unsightly things. Lelouch pockets a broken sword with Durgeddin’s smithmark on it. Nale, venturing ahead with Reggie at his side, steps into an unlooted room, and walks right on top of the lush carpet, which promptly entangles him. With Reggie’s howls attracting the party, they made short work of the animated rug, but not before it dealt Nale serious injuries. After a short breather from this surprising encounter, the party enters a room that was at one point a shrine, but was now desecrated by the wight and his skeleton minions currently living there! However, all the undead were killed in short order.

Deeper, deeper into the dark

The party starts in the great hall they ended their last session in, with Ghared the captured duergar tied up as a hostage, escorting them towards the dragon. She leads them through what appears to be a smithy, where three duergar are so intent on what they are doing that they are completely oblivious to the adventurers traveling behind them. Then, the party comes to a large chasm in the earth. After an aside with the rest of the party, Daemior pushes Lelouch into the pit, seeing as he wouldn’t be hurt due to his wings (and he wasn’t paying attention). The walls of the pit are covered in a mold-like substance, making climbing difficult. Soulavina ties a rope to a boulder and starts to descend down the pit, but slips and starts to fall! Thankfully, she was able to grab the rope before her sudden stop, taking 1 point of damage from rope burn. After everyone else descends, Daemior pushes his captive into the pit. Ghared screams all the way down, the scream ending in a thick-sounding splat. Once the party regrouped, they are attacked by a displacer beast from below! Nale-Hukataivael tries to attack it, but fumbles and falls over in his excitement. After a riveting battle, the party manages to gang-bang the displacer beast, taking it to within an inch of it’s life. It bleeds out, and Mave guts it, and throws it over his shoulder to deal with it later.

They Descend into the Dark

After a period of hard adventuring, the party rests for a period in the fungus chamber, posting shifts for the meditating periods they have (or sleeping, as the case may be for the less fortunate members of the party). Upon waking, they travel onwards, down the path, and come upon an iron door marked with Durggedin’s ruin on it. After a few attempts, the rogue manages to pick the lock and they continue down the path. The party enters a chamber consisting of 3 dwarven statues and two doors. Lelush opens one of the doors, triggering a trap in the statues! A large stone great axe whistles through the air, Lelush only just managing to tumble out of the way. After the dust settles, the party sees that the door opens out onto a solid rock face. Daemior manages to find a secret door behind one of the statues, and after careful review from the rogue for traps, they traipse down the passageway. Then, upon stepping on the 13th step, Mave triggers a voice that yells out a warning in Dwarven. After the DM makes a wonderful jest made in perfect taste and filled with biting wit, the party enters a large room, filled with pillars. It appears to be some sort of antechamber. A dwarven voice yells out a warning in Common, which the party ignores. As per their ignorance, Mave is slashed across the back by an invisible assailant, and in response, Lelush invokes his gods, allowing him to see the (large) invisible assailants. Soulavina thinks its prevalent to climb a pillar and start tying herself to it, while the rest of the party starts to deal with their attackers. After a riveting battle, where one of the druegar dies and their leader is captured, the leader becomes visible and speaks of the dragon that lives at the bottom of this mountain. She offers to lead the party to it, and the party ties her up and leads her away. The bard takes her short sword, and Lelush keeps the dying druegar’s greataxe (check this one, might be Daemior).


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